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Finding A Wedding Photographer And Videographer In London UK

Besides the birth of your first child, your wedding will be the most memorable time in your life. Such an important day deserves to be recorded in the best manner as possible. The problem that you have is that there are hundreds of photographers and videographers who will claim that they are the best. Your job is to find the best among this lot. This article has been written to make this process easy for you. In this article we will give you a process to follow and a list of criteria to use as you decided on a wedding photographer and videographer.

Style, Art, And All Things of Beauty

This is the research stage. In the research stage you will need to figure out which form of wedding photography and video you most enjoy. This process can easily be done online by using Google to research as many wedding photographers as possible and in this process you will begin to see that wedding photography is divided into different styles. Some wedding photographers use film because of its inherent beauty, softness, creaminess and its ability to be used to shoot at a wide aperture to create a dream like impressionistic look that resembles more of a Monet painting than something out of a fashion magazine.

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Some photographers use more of an editorial style where each frame they shoot resembles a fashion editorial and some photographers focus on a photo journalism style where they aim to capture the events of your wedding as they occur and without a lot of pose work. Some photographers mix all of these styles and hire their own second and third shooters so that every aspect of your wedding is shot.

This research phase is a lot of fun and you will learn a lot about wedding photography in the process.

Creating A List of Wedding Photographers

Your next charge is to find wedding photographers and videographers who match the style of photography that you like the most. During this process you should take a look at their images, which should be plentiful and look for testimonies. Do not trust photographers who do not have several samples of their work because you really do not want to hire anyone who can’t not show proof of concept. The more experience the better because you need someone who you can trust.

Meet Each Photographer

You need to meet each photographer and find out if your personalities mesh and if they are someone you would enjoy working with. You also need to find out if you trust them and if you have a strong rapport. As much as it is a photographers job to blend into the background, they are an important part of your wedding day. You will work directly with them so they need to be someone you can easily relate to, this is why the meeting stage is so important to this process of finding the right wedding photographer and videographer in London.

Preparation for wedding ceremony

Reviews, Ratings, Testimonies, and Other Sureties.

Images of past events are important but they can be faked and do not tell the entire story. Pretty images are important but you need more information about a photographer or videographer. Even a meeting doesn’t tell you how they are to work with. Because of this, you must learn more about them by finding as many reviews, ratings and testimonies about each photographers you are interested in hiring. Your goal is to find as much objective information about each photographer and videographer as possible and this is one of the best ways.

I found great website once. It’s lists best wedding photographers in London. Have a look:

Price, Currency, Expenditures

Cost will often be the most important factor for many couples and photographers come in many different price ranges. Be weary of under priced or overly cheap photographers and videographers because this might signal inexperience, desperation and all things that should set of warning lights. Hopefully, your other research efforts will help you determine if you are truly getting a good deal on a quality service or not. Often times, high quality photographers are not cheap so get ready to hear some quotes that might turn your stomach a bit but do not allow price to be your only determinant.

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Real Wedding Pictures vs Modeled Stills

One thing that we have briefly hit on is experience. Look out for the portfolio padding that new photographers do with modeled wedding pictures used to make them seem more experienced than they actually are. These type of images are not bad but they are used to cover their inexperience and it doesn’t tell you how they will likely work when it comes time to shoot a real wedding. This is one of those minor things that you need to look out for but your other research tactics will protect you from this.

As you can see, there are many things that you must consider when searching for a wedding photographer and videographer in London. This article has listed many things that a marrying couple must pay attention to as they search for a photographer. The things listed in this article will help you avoid bad photographers and videoraphers. The goal is to find you the right person who matches your vision and who fits your personality. If you do the things listed in this article you will find the right person and will have beautiful pictures.

Please contact me if you feel that you need more help.

Choosing The Right Wedding Film Style For Your Big Event

You are getting married, and you want to capture those special moments of your big day. There is a lot to consider in making that wedding film. You want this to be a special memento of all of the unforgettable moments and events of the day. Here are some things that you should consider in the right wedding film style for you.

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From the beginning to the end?

First, you should talk it over with your spouse-to-be. What kind kind of moments do you want to capture? Do you want the videographer to be there from the beginning to the end? Some couples like to capture moments that lead up to the big day. So, you may want the videographer whom you hire may to be available on the day or evening before as well. What kind of theme would your wedding take? Some people like to incorporate outdoor adventures into their theme, so you want to make sure that the videographer is up to the physical challenge.

When you talk to the film maker, let him get to know you. Talk about your personal interests. He will use this to help you come up with a filming style that is uniquely for your wedding. Some people like to capture a lot of candid and intimate moments of the couple, family and friends. These are extra special because they really capture the sentiments of the day. That is, only if you are comfortable with a third person hanging around for those private times.

Perhaps you want to capture the fun aspects of the day. The wedding day is often full of stress because there is just so much to think about. See if the videographer can capture the lighter moments. He may need to circulate to look for those fleeting moments.

Guests Sentiments

A lot of people like to capture the sentiments of their guests. If that is what you desire, have the film maker go around the reception hall and ask your guests questions about how they feel. Have him record personal messages that come straight from your guests. When you look back on the video, you will sure to have a good laugh or moved to tears by the heartfelt messages.

The prep time before the ceremony is often very special. If you are comfortable with it, you can have the videographer capture the moments when you are getting your hair and make-up done – not the entire time, of course, but just moments that can be captured. Or, you can have one of your bridesmaids take an informal video that can be sent to the videographer so he can incorporate the footage into the final product.

Sentiments from parents and close friend are often very precious. See if he can capture special moments from those whom you love. You may see tears from your mother as she reminisces about you and your whole life. You may feel the pride that your father feels seeing his child take this bold step in commitment.

Do you have pets that are very much part of the family? They can be in the video, too. That will surely add a charming touch to your wedding video.

Finished Product

The finished product of the wedding video can be practically any style you want. If you want it to capture romance, the right kind of music can be used in the backdrop as music accompaniment. The type of music really sets the mood for the style of your video. If you want something exciting and more fast paced, the videographer can slice the footage in such a way that will make your day look full and exciting. He can take the best footage, with the best dialog, and create a film that will sure to make your day unforgettable.

For the wedding couple, it is difficult see the day objectively. The video allows the couple to look from the outside in. They will be able to see many details that they have missed during the day. A video can be enjoyed for years to come, during wedding anniversaries or other celebrations. It can be shown to the couples’ children which often makes for very special entertainment.

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Promotion Your Wedding Film Business

Nothing is worse than having a great service to offer the world but not being able to find customers. If you weren’t as talented at your craft as you are, then it would be a lot easier to stomach. After all, you have something of great value to add to a wedding but you have a hard time promoting your business. Many creatives who find themselves in this position often giving up, hopefully you will stick at it. The problem that so many in this business have is that they are not business people, just creatives. This article will teach you how to market your wedding film business.

Promoting your wedding business

No One Knows Who You Are

Obscurity is awful and means that you will miss out on many opportunities to make money. No, I am not saying that you need to become the wedding film industry’s version of a homecoming queen but instead you need to spend more time marketing your business. You need to get your name out there and you need to brand your business in such a way that people think of you when they think of wedding filming. Of course this is a lot easier to say than it is to do.


One of your greatest tools is Google but at this point Google is your enemy. Google is your enemy at this time because all of your competitors are using it to make money that you could have in your pockets. You turn Google into your greatest tool by creating a wedding filming site that actually ranks of the first page of Google when potential clients search terms that relate to your industry. This might call for hiring a SEO company who cannot only do the SEO type of magic that brings people to your website but who can also help you create content on your website that marrying couples actually need. If you are very experienced in this industry, then you should have a lot of things to say via articles and you can create a voice and become an authority that people will learn to trust. People plan their wedding far out in advanced and this gives you time to build rapport via your articles.

wedding business marketing plan

Google Adwords

If you have the budget for it, a Google adwords campaign will help you find more customers. Google Adwords are those little text ads that you see to the right of your screen when you use Google. Whenever someone searched Wedding Filming, your ad will appear and when it appears enough times you will have more people visit your website. If you website is of great value for people looking for your type of work, if you have provided the right type of content, then you will see more money. Adwords takes a budget and it is based on a pay per click model so you will have to pay money every time someone clicks your ad. Do not let this scare you off because you can define the maximum amount of money that you are will to pay on this form of advertisement.

This video may be helpful:

As you can see, learning how to market your business is very important. In many ways it is the most important thing you can do to improve your business. In this article we have just covered two ways to market your business but in future articles we will provide more strategies. We’ve started with Google because most people use it to find businesses and services, and when you are able to dominate Google you will have more customers. Learn more able the two strategies that we have listed and put them into action.

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How to Start Career as a Wedding Videographer

A wedding ceremony cannot be complete…

…without a video capturing the moment when the bride and groom exchange their vows. When a couple is planning a dream wedding, videography is definitely on top of the list. Wedding videography is among the most important aspects of the ceremony, since it captures the love that the couple shares together with the guests’ excitement. A wedding video shows the beauty of both the ceremony and reception. Shooting wedding videos can be quite a lucrative business. Anyone wishing to become a wedding videographer has to consider a number of things, such as how to find clients. This article explains how to start career as a wedding videographer. It will explore the important wedding videos basics needed to create an excellent finished product.


Degree is not necessary

Unlike certain professions, a degree is not necessary for a person to become a wedding videographer. As the owner of his or her business, a videographer is not technically required to hold any specific type of degree. However, some couples may prefer someone with higher education to cover their wedding. They may perceive higher education as work experience since it gives someone a solid understanding of his or her desired career path. It is advisable to enroll in a film school or take a course in digital technology, video production and editing. Art & design training and maybe small business training can also be helpful. In the film industry, editors and camera operators find that a 4-year degree in fields related to broadcasting, technology or film is required. Therefore, wedding videographers are advised to possess such a degree or its equivalent in order to compete.

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Doing an excellent job of videotaping a wedding can be quite a challenging task. This is because unlike many other types of filming, doing a retake is out of the question if a critical shot is missed during the ceremony. This means that first and foremost, a beginner wedding videographer needs to have some dependable gear. The right equipment is needed in order to capture the perfect video. In the world of today, most videographers use digital cameras for shooting high-definition videos. Such digital cameras are able to store a significant amount of footage as well as give the photographer a beautiful shot every time. All in all, digital cameras are not the only kind of devices utilized in wedding photography. It is still possible to find videographers using cameras that are not digital.


Planning ahead of the shoot is advisable.

Hooking up the equipment and recording several minutes of footage the night before the ceremony will give the videographer confidence that everything will work out when it really counts. If possible, the videographer can arrange to attend the wedding rehearsal. This way, he or she will get the opportunity to test the equipment at the venue of the shoot prior to the day of the big event.

How to shoot wedding photo

Nowadays, most wedding ceremonies have a coordinator whose role is to help organize the ceremony’s elements as well as those of the reception. A smart videographer will make allies with such a person. In addition, getting the cooperation of the minister or personnel of the church where the ceremony will take place can be critical to success. A church will definitely have restrictions concerning camera placement near the altar, as well as whether supplemental lighting is required. When dealing with church officials, adopting a respectful and professional demeanor will help them see the videographer as part of the team.


Shooting a wedding video can be quite tricky.

It is vital to capture the most essential parts of the ceremony while still making the video look unique. Several techniques can be applied by a videographer in creating a wedding video that will be remembered and appreciated for years to come. At the present times, a new trend has emerged in wedding photography whereby the videos are made more cinematic. It is now possible to transform traditional wedding videos into beautiful wedding films. A wedding videographer can now play the role of a filmmaker, piecing together a love story prior to, during, and after the ceremony.


Cutaways are of great importance if the videographer will be editing the footage. They can act as some sort of a video scotch tape. This is because a jump cut often occurs when two scenes sharing a similar camera angle are edited. By applying a cutaway to a second scene between the two similar shots, the videographer is able to smooth out the flow’s video.

Post production process

An important part of wedding videography is the post production process. Once the video has been taken and the photographer has ensured every shot that the bride had requested is gotten, what remains is the editing process. The process of editing a wedding video is almost the same as that of a standard film. Editing software must be used by the videographer in order to put the video together as well as make it unique. The first thing to be done is to upload the footage onto a computer. Also, one has to find the ideal background music that will fit into the video. Soft and romantic music is the best for a wedding video, since it fits the ceremony’s theme. Most videographers ensure that the couple is heard throughout the footage in order to give character to the project.


As soon as the editing session is done, the videographer sends a copy to the wedding couple. Post-production is a vital aspect in the process of wedding videography since it is the final step in coming up with a piece of history for the couple. For example have a look at this wedding video:


Having experience can increase the chances of a wedding videographer getting more contracts. Such experience can be gained through internships or by shadowing other experienced videographers. As much as most of these avenues are unpaid, they can help an upcoming wedding videographer attain valuable skills. They can also come in handy when it comes to finding contacts that are willing to take someone as a trainee. In addition, they can help someone secure contracts once he or she has gotten sufficient experience.